Company Free SWs

Leica Free software
Leica LAS AF Lite is a platform designed for advanced life science research with Leica Microsystems confocal and widefield systems. The program offers full control over the microscope hardware and at the same time minimizes the need for user interaction through intelligent automation. You can configure objectives, filter cubes and teach in parfocality and parcentricity within LAS X

Improvision Free software
Volocity® 3D Image Analysis Software is the only solution that provides all the tools you need to visualize, analyze and validate 3D fluorescence images from a wide range of confocal microscopy, widefield and high content screening systems and is fully integrated for a seamless user experience.

Nikon Free Software
Nikon EZ-C1 FreeViewer
This free software package allows to view Nikon confocal images in the native ics/ids format.

SVI Free software
FreeSFP is a free of charge volume renderer that enables you to explore 3D digital images and Simulated Fluorenscence Process

Zeiss Free software
AxioVisionLE 4.5
Light version of Zeiss Axiovision 4.5 software can open .zvi files, owner Zeiss file format.

LSM Browser 4.2

  • Image Browser, supports LSM file format
  • Calculation of single 3D projections (transparency or maximum modes)
  • Orthogonal Section View
  • 3D Cut View
  • Overlay Functionality (Scalebar, Text, Drawing functions, Time stamp, Coordinates x y z)
  • Extraction of image regions
  • Animation
  • Color coding in Z
  • Enhanced Mulltiprint with Overlay functionality
  • Drag and drop of LSM images between LSM image database

ZEN Lite
Use ZEN lite to:

  • Control Axiocam microscope cameras
  • Create microscope images and simple video sequences
  • Measure distances interactively
  • Manage images/videos and export them into various formats
  • View meta information relating to CZI image files
  • Use simple report functions