Rules for AINI Membership

Ordinary Members (€ 50)

Neuroimmunologists who has presented original contributions to the development of neuroimmunology, documenting this with a curriculum vitae, can request AINI membership in writing, by using the membership request form. New members will have to be introduced by two Ordinary Members who will have to sign the membership form. Their acceptance will be approved by the Steering Committee.


New Ordinary Members become effective after receiving a written confirmation from the President or the Members Secretariat. Ordinary members must pay the annual membership fee proposed by the Steering Committee and approved by the Assembly. Ordinary Members with three years overdue will be dismissed automatically if their due is not settled three months after receiving the confirmation letter from the Members Secretariat. A dismissed Ordinary Member cannot be re-admitted without the payment of all the unpaid yearly fees.


Young Members (€ 0)

Students and researchers in the field of Neuroimmunology under the age of 32 who wish to participate in AINI activities are welcome as Young Members. The candidates use to appropriate form to request membership, the form has to be signed by two Ordinary Members.

The admission must be approved by the Steering Committee. Young Members have free membership until their 32 birthday, after which they will become Ordinary Members by paying the yearly membership fee proposed by the Steering Committee and approved by the Assembly. Young Members have voting rights at the Assembly.

Membership request/renewal

Membership request has to be done by email, while yearly renewals, can be made on-line. Members are kindly required to submit their application by sending the filled in form and CV by email to This requirement will be a one-time procedure and is needed to update our members’ database.


In case of membership application, the Secretariat will send a written approval as soon as the decision is made by the Steering Committee. For the annual renewal, Members will receive authomatic emails as reminder. The payment can be made on-line with credit card or bank transfer. Please read the ‘Membership request’ and ‘Membership renewal’ pages for the application procedure.


AINI Congress

The AINI Congress is held annually in different national venues. The program includes the Annual General Assembly, to which all Members are invited to participate.


Benefit for membership

Both membership categories have reduced rates, both for registration and hotel reservation, for the annual congress of the Association. Young Members are also eligible for Travel Grants that the Association awards, for participation to national and international meetings.
For further information, please contact the Members Secretariat by e-mail