CRNI 2004

2004 – 6th CRNI COURSE | Bergamo (Italy) | 17-20 March

Anticorpi in neurologia: dal laboratorio al letto del paziente

I Day

  • Maturation of B imphocytes (V. Pistoia)
  • Mechanism of autoantibody production (A. Lanzavecchia)
  • B Iymphocytes and microenvironment (P. Ghia)

II Day

Autoantibodies in immune-mediated diseases of the nervous system

  • CNS paraneoplastic syndromes and autoantibodies; a clinical overview (J. Newson-Davis)
  • PNS paraneoplastic syndromes and autoantibodies; a clinical overview (J. Honnorat)
  • Anti-glycolipid autoantibodies in paripheral neuroparthies (H. Willison)
  • Autoantibodies at the neuromuscular junction and in the CNS (A. Vincent)

Diagnostic significance of autoantibodies in neurological diseases

  • Clinical and diagnotic relevnce of autoantibodies (V. Lampasona)
  • Diagnostic guidelines for paraneoplastic disorders (R. Fazio)
  • Diagnostic guidelines for peripheral neuropathies (M. Carpo)
  • Diagnostic guidelines for myasthenic syndromes (F. Andreetta)


Autoantibodies and autoimmune disease of the central nervous system

  • Antibodies in multiple sclerosis (F. Lolli)
  • Diagnostic guidelines for CSF examination (D. Franciotta)
  • Agrypnia autoimmune(A.P. Batocchi)
  • Autoantibodies and Cogan syndrome (C.Lunardi)
  • Anti-GAD antibodies and neurological diorders (B. Giometto)
  • Anti-neuron autoantibodies in coeliac disease (U. Volta)
  • Antibodies to beta(2)-glycoprotein in ischemic stroke (P. Fillo)
  • Anti-glycolipid antibodies in central nervous system disorders (B. Bonetti)
  • Video 1
  • Video 2
  • Video 3
  • Video 4
  • Video 5

IV Day

Autoantibodies and therapies in autoimmune neurological diseases

  • Anti-B cell therapies in autoimmune disordes (F.Zaja)
  • Autoantibodies and immunomodulating treatments (A. Bertolotto)
  • The role of i.v. lg in the therapy of autoimmune neurological disordes (G. Comi)


Final Program