CRNI 2005

2005 – 7th CRNI COURSE | Bergamo (Italy) | 9-12 March

Neuroimmunologia delle patologie infettive e post-infettive

I Day

  • Innate immunity: a barrier to infections (A. Moretta)
  • Viruses and autoimmunity (G. Poli)
  • Old e new vaccines (S. Abrignani)

II Day

Infectious diseases of the nervous system

  • New viruses in Italy (L. Nicoletti)
  • New viral infections in neurology (P. Ferrante)
  • A mediterranean arbovirus:Toscana Virus (P.E. Valensin)
  • HIV and nervous system (A. Antinori)
  • Vector.borne disease (M. Libanore)
  • Infections and multiple sclerosis(E. Merelli)
  • Neurological complications in tubercolosisi and syphilis (C. Solaro)
  • Molecular diagnosis in infectious neurological diseases (P. Cinque)


Post-infectious diseases of nervous system

  • Infection and neurodegeneration:Nocardia and lewy-bodies (B.L. Beaman)
  • Autoimmunity and Sydenham chorea (D. Martino)
  • Post-polio syndrome (T. Olsson)
  • Post-infectious ataxia (Sotgiu)
  • Pands (P.Pavone)
  • Post-infectious and post-vaccinic encephalomyelitis (G. Comi)
  • HCV infection and nervous system (S. Ferrari)
  • Post-viral fatigue syndrome (U. Tirelli)

IV Day

Diagnostic tools and future therapies

  • Radiologic diagnosis in (para) infectious neurological diseases (M. Savoiardo)
  • Piron disease: from pathogenesis to diagnosis (S. Monaco)
  • Viruses and therapy (F. Mavillo)


Final Program