CRNI 2010

2010 – 10th CRNI COURSE | Bergamo (Italy) | 10-13 March

Frontiere Terapeutiche in Neurologia

I Day

  • Introduction (L. Adorini)
  • Tolerization Strategies¬† (L. Adorini)
  • Stem Cell Biology (E. Cattaneo)
  • Neural Stem Cells (S. Pluchino)
  • How to Design a Clinical Trial (MP. Sormani)

II Day

  • Cell Therapies (F. Frassoni)
  • The Adaptive Th cell immunity (F. Annunziato)
  • Mesenchimal Stem Cells (A. Uccelli)
  • T regulatory Cells (MR. Bacchetta)
  • MS syndrome or single disease? (S. Sotgiu – A. Uccelli)


Vaccinations and Monoclonal Antibodies

  • AD and Vaccination (H. Perry)
  • MS and Vaccination (D. Wraith)
  • MoABs for the Therapy of the PNS (H. Willison)
  • MoABs And HERV (H. Perron)

Interactive didactics

  • Are animal models predictive for humans? (L. Battistini – S. Pluchino)

IV Day

Neuroprotection and repair

  • Neuroprotection of Peripheral Nerves (G. Lauria)
  • Nanotechnologies and Biopolimers for Nerve Repair (A. Quattrini)
  • Antisens Nucleotides in Myasthenia: the Clinical Trial (Zohar Argov)
  • Therapeutic Paradigms Change in Neuroimmunology (G. Martino)