CRNI 2014

2014 – 14th CRNI COURSE | Bergamo (Italy) | 26 – 29 March

New therapeutic approaches in neuroimmunology

I Day

  • Opening of the Course (G. Como. – G. Martino)
  • Immune suppression vs immune- modulation (L. Adorini)
  • Neurosteroids (L. C. Melcangi)
  • Drug repositioning strategies (F. Napolitano)
  • New trial design strategies (E. Musch)

II Day

  • T Cell targeted monoclonals in MS (H. Wiendl)
  • B Cell targeted monoclonals in MS (L. Piccio)
  • Monoclonals in AD (K. Schindowski)
  • Anti-cytokine vaccines (U .Dianzani)
  • Clinical cases


  • New and old therapies for paraneoplastic syndromes (B. Giometto)
  • Gene therapy in neurology (A. Biffi)
  • Stem cells in neuroimmunology (G. Martino)
  • Haematopoietic stem cells for neuroinflammation (A. Bondanza)
  • Interactive teaching on the placebo effect

IV Day

  • Progressive MS: a therapeutic challenge (G. Comi)
  • Neuroprotection from immunomodulators? (A. Uccelli)
  • Cross- talk between immunecells and glioma: implications for future immunotherapy (B. Bonetti, E. Bazzoli)
  • Vaccines in gliomas (G. Finocchiaro)