CRNI 2015

2015 – 15th CRNI COURSE | Bergamo (Italy) | 25 – 28 March

From gut to brain: the role of diet and intestinal immunity in neuroimmunology

I Day

  • Opening of the Course (G. Como. – G. Martino)
  • The microbiota – brain axis (M. Lyte)
  • The intestinal brain (M.D. Gershon)
  • Microbiota and the immune system (D. Cavalieri)
  • Microbiota and diet (F. Del Chierico)

II Day

  • Diet, hormones and autoimmunity (G. Matarese)
  • Hygiene hypothesis (M. Pugliatti)
  • Gluten sensitivity and gluten ataxia (C. Briani)
  • The smell of autoimmunity (Y. Shoenfeld)
  • Decision making in medicine (P. Mosconi, C. Colombo)


  • Microbiota and psychiatric diseases (M.R. Muscatello)
  • Microbiota and Multiple Sclerosis (L. Battistini )
  • Macrobiota and therapy (A. Gasbarrini)
  • Diet and autoimmunity: the case of Vitamin D (A. Antico)
  • Clinical cases

IV Day

  • Eating disorders and autoimmunity (E. Erzegovesi)
  • Nutrition regulates the circadian clock (R. Zelaschi)
  • Science in the kitchen: molecular cuisine (D. Cassi)
  • Food and autoimmunity (C. Selmi)