5th ESNI Course 2004

2004 – 5th ESNI COURSE | Venice (Italy) | 27-28 September

I Day

Brain-immune interactions

  • Induction and regulation of the immune response (M. Ferrarini)
  • Immune tolerance (M. G. Roncarolo)
  • Immune surveillance of the nervous system (R. Ransohoff)
  • Neuro-immune-endocrine networks (A. Del Rey)

II Day

Inflammation in neurological disorders

  • Inflammation and neurodegeration (S.R. Barnum, USA)
  • Pathogenisis of inflammatory demyelinating diseases (S. Amor)
  • Immunopathology of infectious neurological diseases (U. Liebert)
  • Principles of immunointervention in cns inflammatory diseases (L. Adorini)