7th ESNI Course 2007

2007 – 7th ESNI COURSE | Oxford (UK) | 20-23 September

I Day

Basic Principles of Immunology

  • The lymphatics in immunity (D. Jackson)
  • Structure and function of the blood brain barrier (D. Romero)
  • Antigen presentation and leukocyte activation in the CNS (D. Male)
  • Have we forgotten about complement? (P. Morgan)

Basic Principles of Neuroscience

  • Functional imaging of the human brains (I. Tracey)
  • Cytokines and behavior: Malaise (D.C. Anthony)
  • What can you do with animal models? Imaging inflammation (N. Sibson)
  • Phenotyping the mouse: a video overview of models of rodent behaviour (R. Deacon)
  • Video Sibson 1
  • Video Sibson 2
  • Video Sibson 3
  • Video Deacon

II Day

Inflammation in neuroimmunology: basic mechanisms

Inflammation in neuroimmunology: applied research


Neuro and glio genesis

  • Embryonic stem cells (S. Minger)
  • Adult neurogenesis (C. Johansson)
  • Where do oligodendrocytes come from in development and repair? (R. Franklin)
  • Role and development of microglia (M. Schwartz)

Stem cell applications in neurological disorders

  • Neural stem cells for brain repair (G. Martino)
  • Haematopoietic stem cells for brain repair (D. Karussis)
  • Schwann cells for brain repair (A. Van-Evercooren)
  • Mesenchymal stem cells for brain repair (A. Uccelli)

IV Day

The basis of neuroimmunological disorders

  • Inflammatory neuropathies (H. Willison)
  • Inflammation in neurodegeneration (H. Perry)
  • Neurological manifestations of systemic lupus erythematosus (T. Huizinga)
  • Autoimmune channelopathies: an expanding spectrum of diseases (A. Vincent)

The basis of neuroimmunological therapy

  • Video Hitzen

Final Program