Intraventricular CARv3-TEAM-E T Cells in Recurrent Glioblastoma

The prognosis of glioblastoma is currently poor, and the unmet need is the identification of an effective treatment for this disorder. In this open-label study, Choi B.D et Al. described the response of three patients treated with intraventricular CARv3-TEAM-E T cells, showing that:

– CARv3-TEAM-E T-cell treatment in patients with glioblastoma is feasible and relatively safe, with no adverse events above grade 3

– Radiological response to treatment is rapid and dramatic after a single intraventricular infusion

– The response to a single intraventricular infusion CARv3-TEAM-E T-cells is transient in most patients (2/3)