MORE THAN NEURONS: toward a less neuronocentric view of brain disorders

December 1 – 3, 2016
Turin, Italy

Neurological and psychiatric disorders have long been perceived as the exclusive consequence of abnormalities in the most prominently affected cell types-neurons.
Increasing knowledge on newly identified functions of non-neuronal cells together with findings of their abnormalities in a variety of brain pathological states and in ageing now suggest a shift from a neurono-centric to a glial-inclusive viewpoint in neuroscience and in neuropsychopharmacology.
With this conference we would like to create the opportunity for discussion of recent preclinical and clinical findings implicating the involvement of non-neuronal cells in initiation, progression or protection of several neuropathologies. Our perspective is that therapeutic strategies aimed at improving/correcting not only neuronal but also non-neuronal cell state and functional performance may open new venues for relevant and undertreated brain diseases.

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