Position Available at Institute of Neuroscience, UCLouvain, Brussels, BE


Object: Post-doctoral position in the Neurochemistry Unit, Cellular and Molecular Division, Institute of Neuroscience, UCLouvain, Brussels, Belgium

The Neurochemistry Unit performs translational research on Multiple Sclerosis (MS), namely on the role of extracellular vesicles (EVs) and their bioactive components (microRNAs, lipids) on disease pathogenesis, by studying their impact on the immune response, neuroinflammation and myelin disruption/repair. Ultimately this project aims to develop novel nanomedicines incorporating the novel bioactive components (or molecules modulating their effects), to be delivered non-invasively to the central nervous system.

A large serum and CSF biobank collection is available to characterize EVs from MS patients. The protocols for isolating EVs are validated. Cellular models for analysis of the effects of bioactive components of EVs are being developed (peripheral blood mononuclear cells, oligodendrocyte, astrocyte and microglial cell lines).

The Institute of Neuroscience and the lab have access to all standard equipment to perform research
(cell culture, RT-qPCR, protein analysis) but also to flow cytometry, ECLIA, Nanoparticle Tracking Analyzer and the SIMOA technology.

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