CRNI 2006

2006 – 8th CRNI COURSE | Bergamo (Italy) | 8-11 March

Neurodegenerazione e neurorigenerazione in neuroimmunologia

I Day

  • Neurodegeneration of the nervous system (F. Tagliavini)
  • Inflammation of the nervous system (L. Battistini)
  • Neuroplasticity of the nervous system (M. Filippi)
  • Neurodegeneration and neuroregeneration in neuroimmunology (G. Comi)

II Day

  • Antibodies in central nervous system disordersMolecular basis of genetically determined axonal degeneration (E. Rugali)
  • The role of imaging in central nervous system degeneration (N. De Stefano)
  • The role of neurophisiology in central nervous system degeneration (D. Centonze)
  •  Markers of neurodegeneration (M. Zaffaroni)
  •  Demyelination and axonal damage in peripheral neurophaties (B.Bonetti)
  •  Genetics and neurodegeneration in the PNS (A. Bolino)
  •  The role of neurophisiology in peripheral nervous systemdegeneration (A. Uncini)


  • Antibodies in peripheral nervous system disordersDegeneration and regenarion of the CNS (G. Brook)
  • Neurotrophins and neuroprotection of the CNS (P. Villoslada)
  • Inflammationand degeneration in ischemic stroke (D. Hermann)
  • Neural stem cells and CNS disorders (S. Pluchino)
  • Mesenchymal stem cells and CNS disorders (A. Uccelli)
  • Video Brook
  • Video Hermann

IV Day

Neural regeneration:physical therapies and biotools

  • Biotools in PNS reconstruction (A. Quattrini)Biotools in PNS reconstruction (A. Quattrini)


Final Program