CRNI 2018

2018 – 17th CRNI COURSE | Bergamo (Italy) | March 7-10, 2018

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Vive la différence: Sex & Neuroimmunology

I Day

  • Opening of the course (G. Martino and G. Comi)
  • Sexual dimorphism in adaptive immunity (G. Borsellino)
  • Sexual dimorphism in innate immunity (M. Pinti)
  • Sexual dimorphism of the human brain (E Jazin)
  • Microbiota, gender and immunity (D. Cavalieri)

II Day

  • 8th of March: Women in neuroscience (M. Mattoscio, M.G. Marrosu)
  • Sex and autoimmunity (E. Ortona)
  • Neurosteroids and neuroinflammation: sex-specific effects (R. Melcangi)
  • Genomics, gender, and multiple sclerosis (C. Farina)
  • Historical journal club (B. Bonetti – R. Furlan)


  • Sex and multiple sclerosis (S. Gold)
  • Immunology and pregnancy (G. Matarese)
  • Counseling on pregnancy and autoimmunity (A. Tincani)
  • Multiple sclerosis treatment and pregnancy (L. Maiola)
  • Clinical Cases (C. Avolio – V. Martinelli)

IV Day

  • Female sexual dysfunction in multiple sclerosis (S. Clerici)
  • Male sexual dysfunction in multiple sclerosis (A. Salonia)
  • Treatment of sexual disfunction in multiple sclerosis: case manager’s point of view (M. Miletta)
  • Health-care disparities stemming from sexual orientation in multiple sclerosis (S. Bonavita)